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Preschool Programs for Your Little Ones

The K2 classroom at Northern Private School is abuzz with the voices of independent youngsters starting their educational careers. We only use curriculum and practices appropriate for this age group.


Our safe and stimulating environment for children, aged 24 – 36 months, aids the continued growth and development of:

•   Social interaction

•   Cognitive skills

•   Communication

•   Self-help abilities

•   Fine and gross motor skills


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Common milestones for 2-year-olds

Physical development milestones

•   Opens cabinets and drawers

•   Can turn pages in a book

•   Feeds self with a spoon

•   Experiments through touch, smell, and taste

•   Walks without help

•   Tosses or rolls a large ball

•   Stoops or squats


Intellectual, emotional, and social development milestones

•   Repeats words and uses two to three word sentences

•   Says names of toys

•   Hums or tries to sing

•   Acts shy around strangers

•   Likes to imitate parents

•   Has a sense of humor

•   Gets frustrated easily

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K2 Classroom Supply List Academics

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